Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Design Workbook

This is unity because everything in the painting works together, and uses balance and repetition.
 This is variety because it has dissimilar elements, for example the red and green are opposite elements because the are opposite on the color wheel. 
This is movement because it appears as if the picture is moving.
 This is rhythm because rhythm is a repetition of elements and the lines are repeated many times.
 This is a pattern because it uses the same colors over again and has a feeling of repetition.
 This is repetition because this same pattern is repeated over and over again.
 This is balance because it is symmetrical and symmetry is a type of balance.
 This is emphasis because the bright colors around the eye make your eye drawn to it. 
 This is contrast because blue and orange are opposite colors so they contrast each other.
 This is space, because it shows the positive and negative area.
 This is form because form is a 3-D shape, and that is what this appears to be. 
 This is value because it shows the same color but in many different tints and shades.
 This is color because it has many colors in this picture.
 This is texture, because texture shows the roughness of a surface, and this shows that.
This is a picture of shape, because shape is a 2-D figure and these are all 2-D figures.  
This is a picture of line because there are many lines in the sand.

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